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Seuic Handheld Computers

SEUIC  (officially Jiangsu Seuic Technology Co Ltd) is a Chinese manufacturer and a brand that is not well known in the European market at this time (August 2018) although it has a significant installed base in the Far East.  However we have been testing and using their products for over a year and are impressed with the build quality and value for money.  Their mobility devices are well made and well spec’ed to enterprise level at a price point that is hard to beat – even with consumer devices.   With support and repair services provided by ourselves from the UK this is a brand to watch.  It is already being ‘rebadged’ by companies in Germany and France for marketing to their local regions.

SEUIC also have a very flexible, customer centric, production model, and will consider variations of their standard equipment fit out to the customer’s specification in certain cases and at the appropriate order size.  That might include omission of certain unwanted features to reduce costs, alternative scan engines, or even a bespoke branded shell.