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Replacement Batteries

Replacing your batteries is essential to maintain the life of your device and avoid issues that impact your business operations and productivity. Battery life varies on usage, charging patterns, and to a degree on age but as a rule of thumb, typically lasts around 1500 charge cycles.  So for an average business working a double shift, seven days a week, the battery will need replacing after 2 years. Failing to replace batteries is false economy. One of the first signs that the battery is getting old is when it fails to hold its charge for a full shift. Thereafter the consequences can get worse, leading to loss of software and settings which may require you to send the device to us to be repaired.

We provide a full range of OEM batteries.  Additionally we supply after-market batteries made by GTS, as they are competitively priced without compromise on quality.

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Knowing the state of your battery life has historically been problematic.   Some manufacturers (eg Zebra) have introduced ‘smart’ batteries as well as other solutions to monitor device and battery health. GTS implemented an annual colour coding to their batteries a few years ago – a crude, but inexpensive way to check how old your battery is and which ones are due to be replaced.

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For nearly two decades GTS has been designing, engineering and certifying high quality replacement batteries and chargers for mobile computers, barcode scanners, mobile printers, and rugged tablets. They have earned a reputation as mobile power experts and continuously strive to design new ways to keep your mobile devices running better and longer than ever before. All GTS products are 100% compatible with the original manufacturer and are backed by industry leading warranties. Each GTS battery undergoes vigorous safety tests to ensure quality including short circuit, overcharge, shock, drop, vibration and high temperature storage. Due to their products’ reliability, they are trusted by major retail organisations, leading logistics companies, prestigious government agencies, and respected public safety officials around the globe.

Unlike many mobile device-focused companies, GTS is involved in every step of the product design, allowing for unique flexibility within the supply chain. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility gives them the competitive advantage of creating new products promptly as technologies emerge. GTS is also the only provider of on-site services to help solve the daily problems caused by bad/unhealthy batteries. Their solution services are adaptable and can accommodate any organisation’s individual needs. At GTS they understand that a business’ mobile investments are only as good as the batteries that power them, and with the right power behind your devices, you can worry much less about your batteries and more about the task at hand.

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