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New Hardware

Pen Mobile is a major provider of IT hardware and associated services across the UK and Europe. In fact we provide far more types of hardware from different manufacturers than can be listed on our website.   Additionally we supply all accessories, warranties, chargers, cables, batteries, holsters, vehicle mounts and consumables for every device.

We typically do not list prices.  In practice there is usually a range of devices at different price points to cover most business environments.  Devices are also sold at a discount to manufacturers’ RRP, the level of which varies according to the size of your order. Talk to our sales consultants who will guide you through your options.

We define products into 9 different categories

Mobile Computers and Hand Held Terminals (including enterprise level Smartphones and RFID mobile readers) and including all accessories.

Rugged and Enterprise Tablets.

Vehicle Mount Computers.

Scanners (Fixed, Tethered, Bluetooth and Wireless).

Mobile, Desktop Receipt and Industrial Label Printers.

Batteries both OEM and aftermarket

RFID fixed scanners and readers.

Wireless and Network solutions.

Mainline IT (Desktops, Laptops, and Printers. Volume deals only).

At the present the 3 most common product types are listed below with links to the respective products from leading manufacturers as well as some of the smaller manufacturers we think worthy of consideration. However, we are authorised partners of a number of other major brands which may not be displayed.  If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call

Mobile computers and Hand held terminals (including enterprise level Smartphones)

Covers all portable mobile computing devices with a range of functionality that includes GSM 3G &4G, Wi-fi only, GPS, 1D and 2D scanning, RFID (UHF)  and NFC) Android and Windows, Touch screen or keypads, Cameras and other features.

A full range of charging and connectivity accessories is available, including replacement batteries, vehicle cradles, screen protectors and protective cases.

Likewise, Extended Warranty packages and Repair and Maintenance contracts can be tailored to the level of service you require to minimise any potential downtime and ensure your business is fully supported.

On boarding and configuration services are provided; similarly, MDM or TE software licences from market leading companies such as SOTI and Ivanti


In 2010 Steve Jobs once famously announced that “we think the 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps” and further stated that smaller tablets would be “DOA – dead on arrival”.  Of course Apple went on to build a 7” tablet a couple of years later.

Today, tablets typically have a screen size of between 7” and 12” although Samsung even went as far as an 18.4” model in 2015.   At the smaller end, the lines are blurred between smart phone and tablet around the 6”– 8” size leading to the sub grouping of “Phablets”.   The selection of screen size is typically a compromise between the convenience and portability of a smaller device vs the amount of screen estate needed to ensure the user experience is not compromised.

For enterprise use we typically recommend rugged tablets.  These are engineered to a much higher level of ruggedness more appropriate for most business applications and therefore are not usually as slim or light as ‘consumer grade’ devices.

Some enterprise tablets are also equipped with a built in scanner or 2D imager.  For single handed operation we recommend 7”- 8”, with good balance and ergonomics when carried one handed.

Vehicle Mounted Devices

Industrial level rugged tablets designed for in vehicle mounting and operation.   VMDs are found not only in warehouse operations on fork lift trucks etc where the requirement is limited to 802.11 wifi, but also on a wide range of commercial vehicles embracing multiple sectors – Blue Lights, Transport,  Utilities, and Civil Engineering, to name a few.

There are significant Health and Safety requirements to be observed in the positioning and secure mounting of any VMD.  For vehicles to be used on the public highway in particular, we recommend you use mounting solutions specific to the device selected and professional qualified installation services which we can provide.   Please discuss with us the optimum solution for your requirement.

Whilst not counted as Vehicle Mounted Devices, consumer level smart phones and enterprise level hand held computers are also often fitted into a cradle for in car charging and hands free use.  Legislation also covers the positioning and mounting of these and again we can offer qualified engineers to provide vehicle installation for your fleet.

Zebra Rugged Printers

Zebra’s industrial printers meet your needs to help you do more with less. And, they easily integrate into your existing enterprise and keep pace with your evolving business challenges. See your entire supply chain in real time, increase efficiencies and leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Ideal for a wide variety of high- to mid-volume industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, government, retail and healthcare.

Zebra mobile printers provide portable printing for all your barcode needs. Price labelling, warehouse management and retail are just a small sample of application covered by Zebra mobile printers


Scanners (Fixed, Tethered, Bluetooth ad Wireless).
Covers all forms of 1D and 2D barcode scanners, including Fixed, Tethered and ‘Non – Tethered (Bluetooth and Wireless).
There are multiple manufacturers available on the market to suit every price point. Some leading models are listed below

Our Customers

Retail Barcode Scanner Services

From your distribution centre to your shop floor we have devices and services perfect for retail.

Wholesale inventory management

Improve productivity and accuracy in your inventory management and stock control with Pen Mobile Solutions.

Automotive Inventory Management

Our products and services are key to the productivity, profitability, and traceability required for automotive environments.

Manufacturing stock management

Wireless networks, smart devices and software from top brands for stock control and inventory management.

Hospitality Event Management

We have a range of software packages for event management and non-disruptive guest WIFI services.

Agriculture stock management

We have rugged devices and tailored solutions perfect for the challenging environments of the agriculture sector.

Distribution Stock Management

Increase productivity and accuracy in your stock management and benefit from Extreme wireless network infrastructure.

Government and Local Authority Stock Management
local authority

Our tailored solutions, mobile devices and software are perfect for accuracy and productivity gains in local authorities.

Healthcare id systems

Accurate data capture improves care quality with safety at the forefront for both patients and providers.