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Our Purpose to Improve Your Business

Nestled in the heart of North Somerset UK, Pen Mobile Solutions support some of the largest retailers, distributors and public sector organisations in the UK and across Europe. We offer tailored end-to-end solutions in enterprise mobility, mobile printing and mobile data capture with a range of supported services. These services include professional technical support, device repair, software as a service, wireless networks and online event management.

Pen Mobile Solutions have a wealth of industry and technical excellence, an honest customer service focus and a results driven motivation.  These core principles have been true to our business since our conception and have enabled us to deliver our customers value and outstanding ROI

Our Values and What’s Important

Pen Mobile Solutions are dedicated to our customers and also have a commitment to providing commerce to the local economy and jobs to our community. This commitment to our values drives our decision making processes and helps shape the core of our business.

Pen Mobile Solutions Ltd.
Registered Office: Park Cottage, Langford Road, Lower Langford BS40 5HU.
VAT Reg No: 787 7657 49 Company Reg: 04396848

How our customers rate us

Range of Products 81%
Range of Services 88%
Technical Knowedge 88%
Technical Expertise 94%
Customer Services 92%
Competitiveness 76%
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