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Pen Mobile specialise in mobile computing, data capture and print solutions. 

Based in the UK, we serve a wide range of business customers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East spanning every size of business from SME to Global Corporate across every business sector.

Our reputation is founded on years of experience, partner accreditation with all major brands, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. 


Looking to upgrade your devices, buy new or refurbished equipment?   Hardware is a major element of our business. We are accredited partners with all of the major global brands in this market as well as a number of smaller manufacturers with attractive products.  We provide a wide range of accessories for each device, both OEM and aftermarket.  Replacement batteries are essential to maintain your mobile computing estate and we offer both OEM and aftermarket brands.

Our support and Repair and Maintenance services ensure that any breakages are fixed as quickly as possible, so that you can carry on running your business with minimum impact. For larger estates we recommend a Repair and Maintenance contract tailored to your business needs.

Professional Services solutions and software as well as device management solutions (MDM) not only help you to manage your estate of devices efficiently, but increase your productivity and help to keep your business and data secure.  For your estate roll out we offer on boarding and configuration services.

No mobile data capture solution is effective if your wireless or network infrastructure is not up to scratch.  We offer network services from simple hardware upgrades to full architected ‘Edge to Data Centre’ solutions from Extreme, the leading ‘network only’ company in this field globally.


Recent Articles and White Papers

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Recent Case Studies Portfolio

Our client projects covering event management, product supply and maintenance and wireless networks

Our Customers

Retail Barcode Scanner Services

From your distribution centre to your shop floor we have devices and services perfect for retail.

Wholesale inventory management

Improve productivity and accuracy in your inventory management and stock control with Pen Mobile Solutions.

Automotive Inventory Management

Our products and services are key to the productivity, profitability, and traceability required for automotive environments.

Manufacturing stock management

Wireless networks, smart devices and software from top brands for stock control and inventory management.

Hospitality Event Management

We have a range of software packages for event management and non-disruptive guest WIFI services.

Agriculture stock management

We have rugged devices and tailored solutions perfect for the challenging environments of the agriculture sector.

Distribution Stock Management

Increase productivity and accuracy in your stock management and benefit from Extreme wireless network infrastructure.

Government and Local Authority Stock Management
local authority

Our tailored solutions, mobile devices and software are perfect for accuracy and productivity gains in local authorities.

Healthcare id systems

Accurate data capture improves care quality with safety at the forefront for both patients and providers.