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Zebra 3600
Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Zebra 3600

Introducing the Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series — a new class of handheld scanner built to deliver the unstoppable performance you need in your most demanding business environments.

Utilise this new range of scanners to increased your workforce’s productivity, accuracy, reliability and on-the-job satisfaction.

  1. Quickest Scanner in the market; Captures up to 20 barcodes with a single press
  2. 50% more battery capacity than rivals; Power for up to 70,000 scans
  3. 23% more durable than competitors; Survives an 8ft drop to concrete
  4. Works in temperatures as high as 50C and as low as -30C

In manufacturing plants, warehouse aisles, outdoor yards and seaports, the success of your business rests heavily on the scanners in the hands of your workers. The quality of your products and your ability to deliver the right products to the right customer on time is heavily dependent upon the fast and accurate capture of many barcodes throughout the day.

Wait times between scans, barcodes that can’t be read and downtime when a scanner fails create unacceptable delays. Every minute lost reduces productivity, potentially impacting labour costs, order delivery times, profitability, customer satisfaction — and customer retention. You need technology that you can count on, every minute of the day.

  • Superior scanning performance on virtually any barcode in practically any condition.
  • An ultra-rugged design for unprecedented durability in ultra-challenging environments.
  • Unrivalled management tools that reduce management time and costs to a new low.
  • Twelve corded or cordless models that can scan nearer and farther than their competition.


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the Zebra 3600 series

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