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For most businesses, barcode equipment or data collection systems are a core part of the organisation, and if that equipment fails, the whole business can be effected.

Our in-house technical team provides a dependable repair and maintenance services for portable terminals, barcode readers and printers, covering most major manufacturers.
Whether you are looking for repairs on your own equipment, or as an agent for your customers, you can trust Pen Mobile to deliver:

  • High quality service at a fair price
  • Single source for service and support for most major brands of barcode and data collection equipment
  • Simple and easy method of arranging repairs of your devices – via our RMA form
  • Fixed Price Repair and Repair & Maintenance Contracts

Fixed Price Repairs

A one-off repair for your device(s)

Repair Contracts

Bespoke repair contracts for your assets

The Repair Process

Fill in an RMA

Fill in a quick online form, just to notify us what the problem with your device is. Don't worry, it's not a science test...!.


Send us your device(s), and we'll perform an evaluation to see what work needs to be completed. The fee is only £45, and is deducted from the price of the repair if you choose to use our repair service.

Return to sender

If your device is fixable, we send it straight back to you as good as new. The average lead time is 10-15 days. If it is beyond economic repair, we have an excellent range of new & refurbished options to get your assets back to full strength.

Fixed Price Repairs

Fixed Price Repairs fall into one of three categories. See below to gauge where your device(s) fit in:

Level 1

Cosmetic Repairs

  • Scan Lens
  • Keypads
  • Triggers
  • Handles
  • Back-up batteries

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Level 2

Mid-range Repairs

  • Repairs Embrace LCd
  • Scan Engines
  • Keyboard PCB
  • Radio
  • Internal Antenna

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Level 3

High-end Repairs

  • Main board repairs
  • Main board replacement
  • Multiple Level 2 repairs

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Repair Contracts

Pen Mobile offer bespoke contract packages to suit any requirements. Contract pricing is set on a case by case basis, dependent upon the required repair service level, the age & condition of the equipment, and the operational environment. Repair contracts are usually for twelve months, are cheaper than FPR, and also have a higher priority, allowing you to pick your turnaround time (from a straight swap to 5 day turnaround!).

Bespoke, flexible packages

Pay a price you’re comfortable with & stay covered for as long as you desire.

Peace of mind

Protect your assets against damage, and your company against a loss of efficiency.

Up to 50% cheaper

Choosing a Repair Contract over a Fixed Priced Repair can save you up to 50%.

Pick your turnaround time

Repair contracts take priority over Fixed Price Repairs.