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We specialise in end-to-end online event management to simplify the process and tasks involved in event organisation. With our cloud based software you have more control of your delegates helping build better relationships and convert more of your prospects into event attendees.

pre event management

We offer a bespoke, customised online registration system without the need for 3rd party software. Complete reporting functionality gives you full visibility.

live event management

We offer speed and ease for door management and live registrations. Live monitoring and supporting technology allows for multiple additional activities and functionality.

post event management

Improve your service levels with our complete reporting package. Explore commercial sales and marketing possibilities to exhibitors and delegates.

Our software helps our customers produce exceptional experiences for your corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. As industry innovators we have become essential and trusted suppliers key event organisers.

Our core company background in providing product led mobile technology solutions gives us a significant advantage when supporting events with innovative software and appropriate hardware.


Our combination of delegate oriented services and bespoke, customised online registration system create flexible creative solutions that help your event runs smoothly.


Customised fields & graphics
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All data anytime, anyplace
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Plan activity in advance
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Mobile technology & hardware
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Our combination of delegate oriented services and bespoke, customised online registration system create flexible creative solutions that help your event runs smoothly.


Quick, professional, accurate
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Branded badges in seconds
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Including seminars & VIP
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Exhibitor lead retrieval
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Our combination of delegate oriented services and bespoke, customised online registration system create flexible creative solutions that help your event runs smoothly.


Engineer support throughout
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Create revenue opportunities
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Insight & analysis
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Delegate access to resources
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Irish publishing company Karen McAvoy Publishing

  • Pen Mobile supplied us with a complete delegate management system that seamlessly integrated with our online registrations. We were able to scan our delegates at the door and print their registrations live at the desk. This saved our admin team, and our attendees, a lot of time.
    Julie-Ann, Marketing & Events Karen McAvoy Publishing

First impressions are everything and the reality is your event experience starts at the first point of contacts which is most frequently the registration page. Our advanced online event registration system gives your delegates a professional on brand experience they deserve. Fully customisable or choose from our templates designs.

Most importantly your delegates experience quick and easy online registering for your event. They can receive invitations via email and select sub events and seminars with ease. Registration fields can be added you your registration page to add flexibility.

With our event management software the online event registration system is hosted on secure servers giving you security and peace of mind that delegate information is in safe. Our complete reporting tool grants you full access to live information about your registrations at any time.

Pen Mobile Solutions online event registration is used by many event organisers and managers for their trade shows, conferences and exhibitions allowing them to engage with potential attendees to and maximise attendance.

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Our online event management software, supported by bespoke options and mobile technology (or bring your own device software) allows you to manage additional activities and access control at your events like VIP areas, seminars and breakout sessions. All can be tracked and manage directly online in real time to ensure against over subscriptions and capacity issues.

Attendees can select to attend or subscribe to additional activities though our customised online registration pages and receive full details in a confirmation email. They can log back in any time to change or subscribe to new sessions.

It does not matter if you event how simple, complex or numerous your additional sessions are our system will ensure your accuracy in allocation with real time reporting information on attendees.

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Our event management software offers a cloud based complete live reporting module for access at any time from any location so you can stay up to date with your attendance lists, registrations and session subscriptions for your event, conference or trade show.

All data is accessible on demand and live at the point of request. Our complete reporting module is easy to use allowing for flexibility to report on any aspect of your event with the option to exporting and share reports with multiple users.


Our online event management software has been engineered to provide a streamlined experience for event organisers, exhibitors and delegates. This is achieved in part by giving you the visibility of your event’s performance through complete information access.

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Pen Mobile Solutions have a strong history in mobile technology and hardware provision. It’s the very backbone of the company. Whether it is computers and laptops for the registration desks, printers, monitors and most frequently scanners and mobile computers our stock of equipment is vast affordable to rent. All hardware comes preloaded, where necessary, for seamless synchronisation with our end to end event management software and your live dashboard.

Technical support is available both on site and by remote to oversee the event.

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A comprehensive check-in and badging service is the optimum solution for providing a quick and professional and accurate registration desk.

With our event management software there is no need for manual systems and pen and paper allowing you to focus on creating a friendly and welcoming environment where you can greet and check in delegates with speed and ease.

High levels of accuracy are achieved through our access control solution so you know at ay point in time who has arrived and who is due to arrive.

Complete live reporting gives you nd instant over view of the current state of play and an intuitive and user friendly dashboard allows you or your delegates to amend and change atendee details, subscriptions in mere moments

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Despite thorough preparation for your seminar, conference, tradeshow or exhibition changes and additions to delegate information will nearly always required.

Our event management software offers custom, on brand, registration process, combined with supporting technology, can be made available on the day for use by management teams or delegates direct.

Complete post event reporting gives you the information you need to delivere effective sales and marketing campaigns.

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We can supply you with the technology to print fully branded badges instantly as attendees check-in at your event be it a conference, trade show or exhibition. Gone are the days of tables covered in pre-printed badges and clipboards. Live badge and lanyard printing enables you to reduce queing and increase the speed of your access control and event check-in. This ensures your delegates first experience when they arrive is of a professional and modern environment that will reflect well on you and your corporate event.

Pre-printing event badges and lanyards also frees up your staff time to focus on greeted your offering delegates a professional and friendly welcome that is speedy and accurate. All expedited by our mobile and desktop technology.

We offer a range of badge and lanyard printing that is flexible to both your requirements and your budget. Whether you want eco-friendly compostable card, plastics or card we can meet your requirements. Full colour or black and white printing in a range of size formats are all arranged and printed in advance meaning you only need to overprint delegate information on the day.

Badge and lanyard fixings are available ranging from pins, clips, magnets. Seminar, breakout event s and VIP information can all be included on the badges of required and all fully customised to match the rest of your corporate event.

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If your corporate event involves exhibitors who wish to engage with your attendees like a trade show or exhibition we have a range delegate tracking and scanning software and hardware.

It is vital that exhibitors have access to the details of the delegates they meet on the day. We supply a range of mobile scanners for hire preloaded with software and fully integrated into your even management software. Alternatively exhibitors can download our software onto the smart phones for a more economical option. All our lead tracking and scanning solutions provide you with commercial opportunities with your event exhibitors.

Delegates can be scanned using a unique barcode or by entering a 4 digit delegate number into the software as they visit exhibitors and access different elements of your corporate event. Complete reporting on this activity is available via the event management online portal to create further post-event sales and marketing opportunities.

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