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Improve your operational efficiencies and benefit from exceptional ROI by taking a look at our data capture and auto-id product range – all at extremely attractive prices and from leading manufacturers, including: Zebra, Honeywell, Intermec and more.


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Refurbished Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers and Desktop & Mobile Printers

Sometimes it just isn’t necessary to buy brand new equipment. Utilising our wide distributor network, spanning over five countries, enables us to find the exact product that you require. All of our refurbished products are as good as new and at extremely attractive prices.


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Bespoke Mobile Applications for your business

At Pen Mobile Solutions, we develop our own range of barcode software applications in house, bespoke for your situation. As well as offering off the shelf barcode software for various applications, including barcode label design software, stock control solutions, barcode labelling, barcode inventory software and asset management solutions.


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Events | Exhibition | Conferences | Stocktaking

For whichever reason you’re looking for some high quality rental equipment, we deliver products you can rely on, and for exceptional value for money. Find out how we can work with you to take the pain out of renting.


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Losing efficiency with every passing minute?

For most businesses, barcode equipment or data collection systems are a core part of an organisation, and if that equipment fails, your whole business can be affected.

Our in-house technical team provides an extremely dependable repair and maintenance service to help you get back to full efficiency as quickly as possible


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About Us

Pen Mobile Solutions are accredited re-sellers of Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers and Printers, and are experts in Auto-ID and Mobile Data Capture. By offering the latest advancements, we enable businesses to increase efficiency, productivity and lower costs. Our 35+ years’ combined expertise in providing technology solutions for our customers equips us with the knowledge to advise and inform you on the best options for your business needs, and with the industry prowess to provide you with extremely attractive prices from leading manufacturers.

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